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Dog Sitter
We’re big fans of our dogs, and love giving them the best in care and comfort. And that goes double for when we’re away. We want to ensure our furry friends are safe and happy, whether we’re out at work or taking a much-needed vacation.

Luckily, you can rest easy when you next have to schedule some time away from home. We’ve taken a look at the best dog sitters near Fall River, MA, and come back with our top picks. Your pup will have a ball with any of these superior choices!

Abby’s Dog Depot

Dog SittersYour beloved pooch will be pampered like royalty at Abby’s Dog Depot! This spot is a great place for your dog to get groomed and cared for in serious style. Kind and patient professionals will keep your canine friend relaxed and happy while they tackle the task of making them look amazing.

When you drop off your pet, they’ll enjoy a day of pampering and comfort while you go about your busy life. You can have your pooch bathed, blown out, and even styled so they look simply smashing. But that’s not all! They also offer nail cuts, ear cleaning, and more. Your pet will look good and feel great.

Country Time Pet Retreat

At the Country Time Pet Retreat, dogs can play and explore all day in a safe and controlled environment. The daycare is carefully tailored to your pooch’s personality; playful dogs can run around and make new friends, while shyer dogs can spend some quality time relaxing in peace and quiet.

There’s regular meals and walks for dogs, and plenty of space to play. Dog sitters can take them on beautiful nature walks or play fetch for hours. Be sure to ask about their boarding options, too!

Paws ‘N Play Daycare

Dog SitterThere’s always a howling good time to be had at Paws ‘N Play Daycare. Their goal is to keep your pooch busy and happy the whole time they’re visiting, so that you can go about your day confident in the knowledge that your beloved pet is safe and happy.

Dogs are watched 100% of the time, so they’re always in good hands while they explore and play. In the summer there are play pools for puppies to splash in, which is a great way for them to keep cool on even the hottest days. Best of all, your dog will learn good behavior all throughout the day, so they’ll come back happy, healthy, and well-behaved to boot!

Check Out Dog Sitters Near Fall River MA Today

Now that you know a little bit more about some of the great dog sitters near Fall River, MA, it’s time to see which one is the perfect fit for your furry companion! Check them all out, and we’re sure you’ll find the one that’s a great choice for your beloved pooch.

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