Ram 1500 Classic vs. Ford F-150

2019 Ram 1500 | Somerset, MAThere’s a treat for Ram fans this year — an all-new model will debut and be sold alongside the current Ram pickup. This is the Classic line, which still seeks to offer outstanding performance, a technology package, power, and comfort while competing at the top of the class. Drivers in Fall River, New Bedford, and Somerset have a lot to be excited about with this truck but are naturally curious as to how it stands up against the competition.

The closest competition to the 1500 Classic is the Ford F-150. Both are light duty pickup trucks that offer solid performance and driving experience. Let’s check out a head-to-head comparison of the Ram 1500 Classic vs. Ford F-150, and see which one comes out on top in this clash of the titans.

What Is the Ram 1500 Classic?

Ram 1500 | Somerset, MAThe Ram lineup is a premium line of pickups that offers best-in-class performance along with outstanding technology packages, comfort, and convenience. Coming into the 2019 model year, Ram has decided to offer a variant version of the 1500, the 1500 Classic. The Classic is a legacy model that offers the 2018 specs alongside the 2019 redesign.

The Classic was created to offer legacy Ram fans the truck they’ve come to love, without the need to upgrade to an entirely new vehicle. Certainly, the new Ram has a lot to recommend it, but there’s something to be said for options, as well.

Ram Classic vs Ford F-150 Performance

When it comes to performance, the V8 engine powering the Ram 1500 Classic offers more power than the Ford F-150’s twin turbo V6. According to independent testing by Motor Trend, the 1500 Classic goes from 0 to 60 in 6.8 seconds, as opposed to taking seven seconds for the F-150.

The 1500 Classic also has more stopping power than the F-150, coming to a stop in 123 feet from 60 miles per hour, as compared to the 140 feet it took Ford’s entry, according to tests conducted by Motor Trend.

In addition, when it comes to fuel economy, the Ram Classic offers a feature that Ford does not. The engine control system on the 1500 Classic has the ability to shut down half of the engine’s cylinders when they’re not needed, vastly improving the fuel economy of the Classic’s V8 engine. This is a feature unavailable on the Ford F-150, which operates at all cylinders all of the time.

Standard Payload

2019 1500 | Somerset, MAThe standard cargo capacity payload for the Ram Classic is also somewhat higher than that available in the Ford F-150. The Extended Cab model offers 1,890 pounds of payload as compared to the 1,840 pounds offered by the F-150.

If that doesn’t seem like much, the difference grows with different configurations. At the Crew Cab level, for example, Ram offers 1,690 pounds of cargo as compared to the 1,200 pounds in the F-150.

Cargo capacity is larger, as well, with 76.3 inches of room in the Quad Cab as compared to 67.1 inches in the F-150. In just about every way that counts, you’ll be able to haul more in your Ram Classic.

See the Ram Classic at Our Ram Dealership!

If you’re in the areas of Somerset, Fall River, or New Bedford, and you’d like to test out the Ram 1500 Classic for yourself, our Ram dealership has them in stock. Contact us or simply stop into our showroom today and ask about getting into the cab for a test drive!


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